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Brake pad machine

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  JiChang hydraulic brake manufacturing BM series machine series

  A, features:

  BM brake pad machine has simple structure, stable system, high pressure, higher efficiency characteristics significantly.

  Second, use:

  BM brake pads hot pressing molding machine is also called the brake pad machine, this machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of extrusion forming of automobile brake pads. Can also be used for other flat rubber moulded products vulcanization molding, such as: rubber/silicone products, seal, O ring, oil seal, rubber cushion, keyboard, medical rubber parts, electrical insulation parts and other kinds of rubber products and bakelite products, handicrafts and forming model. This equipment is mainly suitable for the production of various kinds of automobile motorcycle brake block.

  Three, the structure features:

  1. Quick die opening and closing, high production efficiency; Slow lock, protect the mould.

  2. Imported seals, reliable sealing, long service life.

  3. Choose inlet valve, oil circuit configuration of advanced and reasonable, save energy consumption.

  4. Using neutron cylinder device, exhaust products to prevent run; Demoulding neutrons rise automatically separation products, convenient and quick.

  5. Electrical system adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen interface combination, high degree of automation, manual switch freely; The operation is simple to understand;

  6. Safety light curtain device, the operation more secure. 


  JiChang machinery factory advantage and product selling point:

  1, rich manufacturing experience industry well-known brands. Reasonable prices, fast delivery complete "began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction".

  2, as a result of our design model, in order to let you quickly find the most suitable products, if you contact us, we can help you recommend to meet the requirements of your products!

  3, we provide products for you. At the same time, it will be in service to provide you with related products, and you can enjoy all you buy our products high quality after-sales service.

  4, our factory has more than 20 years of production experience and history, our factory scale, product quality, production technology, are at the forefront in the industry. 


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