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Manual-Mould-Out plate vulcanizing machine

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  JiChang hydraulic machinery of this hand move from product shape mold plate vulcanizing machine, instead of the first generation of vertical high appearance, the second generation of horizontal is longer than the fuselage clumsily. A small occupies a space not only reduced, back to machine provides a convenient transportation.
  From the function, the product in the hydraulic and electromagnetic larger application on the machine, the technology mainly used on the product precision and dynamic machine running. The fuselage standard size are professional test again and again. After the first clamping injection, clamping pressure is high, the product has good density, size accurate, flash less; Can quickly open and close mold, both to ensure accurate positioning, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency; Form a complete set of hydraulic system adopts imported components, advanced circuit configuration is reasonable and reliable, less energy consumption, long service life; Electrical appliances imported programmable controller, with a touch screen, set temperature, injection time, forming time, the process parameters such as, and will yield and production condition be clear at a glance showed in the screen of function, the controller connected to the computer at the same time, the implementation by the central command scheduling system. The machine automatically move mould and demoulding device can automatically, can be manually operation;
  Product use: mining accessories, railway locomotive oil seal, etc. Hexagon wheel, the plum blossom pad, castor, elevator, hydraulic seals processing production
  Technical parameters: mould clamping force: 12 mpa
  Stroke: 350 mm
  Note material extrusion force 500 kn
  Cylinder specification phi 60 mm x 275 mm
  Injection quantity: 50-5000 - g
  18 mpa system the highest pressure
  Plate area was 500 mm x 500
  The motor power: 5.5 kw
  Style: vertical
  Voltage is 380 v
  Overall dimensions 1300 mm * 500 mm * 1000 mm
  Equipment material weight 1200 kg
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