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Plate vulcanizing machine, double layer or multilayer

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  JiChang hydraulic machinery plate vulcanizing machine, double layer or multilayer
  This series of vulcanizing machine is widely used in rubber vulcanization molding, thermosetting plastic molding and foam rubber products. In food, medical supplies, toys, supplies, automotive rubber parts, computer seals, all kinds of sports equipment and railway building materials, decoration in departments and so on all have a role.
  Performance and features
  (1) the series of equipment optimization design by computer, the computer pressure, resilience analysis: can prolong the service life of equipment achievements convenient maintenance, etc.
  (2) the series of vulcanizing machine has independent control system, hydraulic system, can realize manual operation and automatic operation and electric operation.
  (3) the series of vulcanizing machine has automatic filling, automatic exhaust, automatic open pressure molding, automatic constant pressure, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing, automatic constant process, automatic launch, automatic mode, automatic vacuum etc. Function.
  (4) the use of special design can make the hot plate temperature distribution evenly to ensure the quality of molding.
  5. Electrical system using common button operation and full automatic PCC programming touch screen operation
  6. The hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve integrated block type, valve adopts proportional pressure, small beautiful shape, the system system does not leak.
  7. This equipment adopts the special material and heat insulation can make the equipment energy consumption.
  JiChang machinery factory advantage and product selling point:
  1, rich manufacturing experience industry well-known brands. Reasonable prices, fast delivery complete "began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction".
  2, as a result of our design model, in order to let you quickly find the most suitable products, if you contact us, we can help you recommend to meet the requirements of your products!
  3, we provide products for you. At the same time, it will be in service to provide you with related products, and you can enjoy all you buy our products high quality after-sales service.
  4, our factory has more than 20 years of production experience and history, our factory scale, product quality, production technology, are at the forefront in the industry. 


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