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Vacuum plate vulcanizing unit (1)

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  JiChang hydraulic mechanical vacuum vulcanizing machine is a kind of advanced high-end rubber vulcanization molding equipment, its structure is compact, wide adaptability, suitable for the production of complex shape, not easy to exhaust forming high difficulty, such as process is complex, easy to produce bubble rubber rubber products.
  Edge features:
  1, the whole cast aluminum heating plate, plane uniform temperature, long service life.
  2, using high-performance insulation board, electrical heating waste less, the last heat up quickly.
  3, adopting PLC control, color touch screen display, operation is simple, intuitive interface, high degree of automation.
  4, hydraulic pressure system USES single pump double proportional control, reliable operation, the machine run smoothly, energy-saving effect is good.
  5, imported new packings, reliable sealing, long service life.
  6, by rapid opening and closing two cylinder aided mould structure, machine running speed, high production efficiency.
  7, USES the international top brand vacuum pump, vacuum rate, high vacuum degree.
  8, automated in a mould and ejection mechanism, reduce the workers labor intensity and avoid mold artificial damage.

  JiChang machinery factory advantage and product selling point:

  1, rich manufacturing experience industry well-known brands. Reasonable prices, fast delivery complete "began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction".

  2, as a result of our design model, in order to let you quickly find the most suitable products, if you contact us, we can help you recommend to meet the requirements of your products!

  3, we provide products for you. At the same time, it will be in service to provide you with related products, and you can enjoy all you buy our products high quality after-sales service.

  4, our factory has more than 20 years of production experience and history, our factory scale, product quality, production technology, are at the forefront in the industry. 


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