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Automatic move mould plate vulcanizing machine

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  A, the product features:

  Automatically move mould plate vulcanizing machine has simple structure, high pressure, high efficiency, wide applicability etc.

  Second, the product description and USES:

  JiChang hydraulic machinery automatic move mould plate vulcanizing machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of ordinary flat-panel vulcanization molding rubber moulded products. Suitable for the production of various kinds of rubber products, silicone products, seals, o-rings, oil seal, auto parts, rubber cushion, keyboard, medical rubber parts, electrical insulation parts and other kinds of rubber products and bakelite products, handicrafts and so on. Can also be used for other thermosetting plastic, foam products, resin foam, bakelite, sheet metal, building materials, such as model and forming.

  Three, the structure features:

  1. This machine is of high precision four-column guide, the host machine by the upper beam (also called), under the frame, moving board (moving platform), oil cylinder and columns, etc. Oil cylinder as the piston structure, installation within the next frame. Under stand on both sides is equipped with two quick cylinder.

  2. The device has the independence actuating unit and the electrical system, electrical box fastening on the right side of the host, PLC programmable controller, equipped with LCD display. Centralized control buttons, convenient operation. Working pressure, heating temperature can be adjusted within a certain range. This model has manual and semi-automatic two works.

  3. This machine is single single pump station structure, can also according to customer requirements manufacturing machine in two or three models, the oil pump is located in the host on the right side, and of the frame under the conditions of the fuel tank;

  4. The machine is working, plunger from bottom to top clamping motion, pressure molding, and automatic heat preservation, pressure and exhaust function, to ensure the quality of products.

  Four, the function is introduced:

  1. With functions of automatic pressure compensation, in the process of rubber products to suppress, caused by the material flow and pressure drop can be obtained automatically fill pressure.

  2. Automatic exhaust time, exhaust times, second exhaust, upper and lower exhaust process time, heating temperature, curing time, clamping pressure can be set, easy to operate. Sulfide countdown display function, end of sulfide alarm prompt function in advance, and automatically open mould.

  3. Quick die opening and closing, high production efficiency, slow locking pressure, protect the mould.

  4. Product vulcanization molding, oil pump motor to stop working, and save electricity.

  5. Using segmented heating tube, hot plate temperature control of high precision and energy-saving.

  6. Oil circuit configuration is reasonable, saving energy consumption, USES the import valve, using more safe and reliable.

  7. The German imported technologies used in the hydraulic oil cylinder, sealers adopt imported from Japan NOK, reliable sealing, long service life.

  8. Reasonable design, simple operation, easy maintenance.

  9. Monolayer and multilayer are available.

  JiChang machinery factory advantage and product selling point:

  1, rich manufacturing experience industry well-known brands. Reasonable prices, fast delivery complete "began in customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction".

  2, as a result of our design model, in order to let you quickly find the most suitable products, if you contact us, we can help you recommend to meet the requirements of your products!

  3, we provide products for you. At the same time, it will be in service to provide you with related products, and you can enjoy all you buy our products high quality after-sales service.

  4, our factory has more than 20 years of production experience and history, our factory scale, product quality, production technology, are at the forefront in the industry. 


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