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The power consumption big high-speed single-column hydraulic press?

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  Although the high-speed single-column hydraulic press is not very familiar with, but you can be sure of is that it is a kind of power equipment, and the main power consumption of the oil pump is that it. Then, when the high-speed single-column hydraulic press operation of the said process, its power consumption is what will happen?

  High-speed single-column hydraulic press in the whole hydraulic system consumed power, with most of these are part of the power consumption of oil pump, so want to control the electric equipment, the key lies in the regulation of oil pump power consumption. When the equipment operation process, the changes in the process of the hydraulic oil consumption, in fact is the process of electricity consumption, so to maintain uniform operation to power voltage control in a reasonable range, avoid the waste of resources.

  In addition, through to the high-speed single-column hydraulic speed control can achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce the power consumption for the purpose of of hydraulic press, it will also be promoted high-speed single-column hydraulic press one of the favorable measures environmental protection and energy-saving. 


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