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Basic knowledge of equipment Grader knowledge is introduced in the hydraulic system

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  For grader, may not be as other engineering machinery, but it is also an indispensable branch field of engineering machinery, today we are going to learn about the grader hydraulic system.

Grader hydraulic system includes three parts, respectively for the working device hydraulic circuits, steering hydraulic circuit and control circuit, etc.

  Working device hydraulic circuit is used to control the ground machine a variety of work device (scraper, scraper earthenware, plow, etc.), including the left and the right ascension and decline in scraper, scraper, scraper relative turning circle for lateral or lateral together as turning circle, change the blade cutting Angle, turn the turning circle, and rake the soil, and bulldozing production, etc.

  Grader steering circuit except a few adopts hydraulic booster system, most adopts full hydraulic steering system, hydraulic steering gear is driven directly by the steering wheel (Orbitrol) to realize the power steering.

Grader work device of the hydraulic system has removed several types:

  1) according to the type of hydraulic pump can be divided into quantitative system and variable system.

  2) according to the number of the hydraulic pump can be divided into single pump control loop and double pump control circuits, the latter usually with double hydraulic circuits.

  3) according to the number of the hydraulic circuits can be divided into single hydraulic loop and double hydraulic circuits.

  4) according to the working device hydraulic circuit and turn the hydraulic circuits can be divided into independent type hydraulic relation between back and compound hydraulic circuits. 


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