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How do CNC single column hydraulic pressure not enough?

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  CNC single column hydraulic press is based on the material must be the size of the pressure to work, but if the pressure is not enough, the use effect of equipment will fall. We compare the curious what causes CNC single column hydraulic pressure will not enough standard? Concrete analysis.

  CNC single column hydraulic pressure is not enough, may be due to one of equipment caused by the valve core is not about yan, such as system, master cylinder, etc., so the next job is to examine the two aspects of CNC single column hydraulic machine, look to whether have stuck. The first thing to check is hydraulic press system, mainly to see if the inside of the valve core card; Then the master cylinder, is under the slider is fast and slow down when the light of the electromagnetic valve components.

  After finding the root cause of the problem, need to the corresponding parts removed and remove foreign bodies is ok, remember when you need to die together, so that you can avoid mistake. 


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