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These small excavator construction safety knowledge you know?

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  Work production, safety first. In the working process of the excavator, danger is everywhere, below is my according to personal working experience, some are prone to accidents are summarized, hope to help everyone's work.

  1. Walking frame on your way down

  Excavator, the super cross-country ability is known to all. Use track and working machine, excavators can climb up the steep slope, can also be easily downhill. There is a very easy to ignore the dangerous situation, is excavator under the downhill or trailer, due to the fuselage forward, many drivers will be left hand is used to push on the windscreen or door frame, right hand walking excavator operation. At this moment if the door is open and not locked, the door quickly closed because of will be affected by gravity, is usually a great strength. Walking on the door frame will be caught. The consequences will be severe. So excavator, excavator cab door have a lock, open the lock, no matter the door is open or closed must be locked. Drivers do not walking frame.

  2. Carrying big arm when walking

  There are a lot of new or apprentice will feel excavators of the movable arm high, arm fully open, bucket, walk the line of sight will be better, so if this is the side walk side rotation will also cool. Actually this is very dangerous to walk, because of the working device is exalted, so high center of gravity, ground slightly uneven will be overturned. So must not be cool in walking and homework, at the foot of the road is the most important thing.

  3. In the soft ground

  Excavator in a swamp, the beach and other soft ground work, should use bucket first try if the ground can withstand the weight of the excavator. If you forget this process, there may be serious consequences, unless you're driving is amphibious excavator. Although excavator crawler design, touch the ground area is large, but the excavator into mud could not move events also happen from time to tome! As long as the attention to this can be avoided. In swamp, river beds and other soft ground work to avoid excavator trapped should pay attention to these: 1, the first to try the scoop. 2, don't stay for a long time in the same place. Turn 3, much less in a straight line.

  One thousand excavator was stuck in the mud, and don't try so hard. Don't try to use climbing climbed out of a set of methods, it will only deeper. Save method has many: 1, if a set is not deep, just two tracks themselves middle hollow out to try again. 2, if it is not, that is to first try how deep silt, if it is not deep, have dug up in front of silt, directly open the way for their own and hard ground near slowly toward the shore. 3, if the sludge is infinite, that is to rent a few pieces of iron plate or board, across the pressure under the track, easy to erase.

  4. Line of sight to blind area

  Passive arm excavator cab is on the left, middle blocking the line of sight, so the right there is a big piece of the line of sight of blind area, especially on the right side of the rear is can't see. Many excavator accidents are due to the tail on the right side in the rotation will be injured or death! So there is not a very broad field work, excavator as far as possible, on the left to the right to set aside more space.

Rearview mirror on the excavator is a fragile thing, often in the transport of work or knocked off, many drivers feel touched touched it, anyway, is not important, there is no timely change into new rearview mirror. Actually the rear-view mirror is very important especially in excavator, on the right side of the accident is often the result of safety consciousness is not strong!

  5. On channel assignment

  Excavator in digging ditches, if the builder tell you in front of a highly wrong, let you ride on the groove digging, you don't listen to him, whatever the geological condition, at the most, you can only open a distance of half a track back, it's not safe to go any more, is in danger of collapse. The builder may tell you nothing come back a little. Don't listen to him, because he was more concerned with groove instead of your safety. A qualified driver, should have their own independent thinking and safety consciousness, this is the basic professional ethics.

  So when digging ditches, must dig, once in place, not back heavy not sure his let the builder of several measurement points, if he happened to you slowly to dig, himself out of the car to see bottom slope. If must be a long back to dig, you must first put the trench backfill, so very troublesome but safe!

  6. The line

  Every city has a complex underground pipe network, excavator working in downtown digging, need to pay special attention to underground pipeline, it is dangerous to dig a broken or dig a broken line, and most of the underground pipe network no drawings, don't know the location of the pipeline and depth, which requires the driver to pay special attention to in the work. Because most of pipeline is first by excavator landfill, so we can also do some estimation to the position of the pipeline on experience and judgment, the general line and parallel to the road, or in the subgrade or green belts, and have covers, manhole covers on line name, multiple covers connect line is the course of the pipeline. Usually are buried under the road there are many kinds of pipeline, the deeper is rainwater and sewage, more is to use cement pipe, now multi-purpose bellows. Is shallow some tap water and gas pipe again, before the tap water is cast iron pipe is very thick, the gas is iron pipe appearance has a protective layer, now use the PE pipe. Light some more power and communications, are generally not appearance by PVC pipe protection, there is a wire or cable. Including water, electricity and gas are very dangerous, if you dig a broken defense military cable consequence is very serious, must pay special attention to when excavating operation in the city.

  During pipeline landfill typically fill out sand, with sand to protect piping and ramming on both sides. So when excavator in urban operation suddenly to sandy, or suddenly loose soil color is different, right next to it is likely that there will be a pipeline. Such as corrugated pipe or PVC pipe fragile material must adopt manual cleaning.

  Pipeline is not necessarily all in the underground, of course, there are in heaven. Many novice easy mistake is to one hundred percent of all concentrating on digging bucket, but don't know when the lift arm arm oil cylinder has encountered the wires. Meet whatever air wires, observe whether you insulation skin first, good insulation skin gently touch it doesn't matter, not insulated wires, do not touch, a touch will be broken, but they may also hurt oil cylinder. One thousand cylinder shaft is electrical injury, never goes back, back to scratch oil seal, should use very fine sand, or polishing with specialized tools. If is the more power lines must keep a safe distance. 


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