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Hydraulic pressure brick machine which should be paid attention to when the choose and buy and install mould?

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  JiChang mechanical hydraulic press according to the classification of structure form, mainly including single column hydraulic press, four-column hydraulic press, hydraulic press and other frame structure of hydraulic press. Single-column hydraulic press can be divided into two kinds of structure, whole airframe and combination of the fuselage, single-column hydraulic press in the work, because of the fuselage, the deformation of the slide block and workbench will produce a certain Angle, so the multi-purpose in applications of accuracy is not high, such as: pressure equipment, sheet molding, such as straightening process.   Four-column hydraulic press by four pillars connect the upper and lower beam, the activities of the slider and the beam depends on four pillars support the guidance, the machine has simple structure, low manufacture cost, so the most widely used. With welded frame type hydraulic press frame pillar instead of cylindrical column of the four column hydraulic press, the sliding block guide depends on fixed to the column on the guide direction, has the guidance precision is high, the advantages of partial load resistance is big, but the manufacturing cost is higher than four-column hydraulic press, multi-purpose in requiring higher precision, such as sheet metal stamping, precision metal forming process. The above three kinds of hydraulic press of the hydraulic press for more than 95% of the total. According to the different needs. In addition to a variety of other special structure forms of hydraulic press.

  Now many products are made of hydraulic pressure brick machine pressure molding, such as: the salt, bait blocks, coal, etc., at first you may want to produce a specification, but with the development of the market, the other shapes and specifications of the product market is more, in order to cater to the development of the market, you must also along with the market together to produce this specification product. Everyone know to buy a device to tens of thousands of, if you buy a lot of people can't afford a device. In order to help users to get more profits, our company can make the equipment in the design of many sets of mold assembly, no matter what kind of products you want later, only to buy a mold. But when the choose and buy and assembly mould to pay more attention to the following items:

  As far as possible when the choose and buy the mold equipment manufacturers to purchase, because they know about their own equipment comparison, how mould and equipment connections are clear, you don't have to worry about the mould also less than devices; Since equipment can work normally, the mould quality guaranteed, reduced you to choose the concerns of the manufacturers and assembly. Manufacturer cooperation with me, they also provide technical guidance services, assembling mold have what question can be free to give answers. Mould installation must be under the guidance of technical personnel to install, pay attention to the upper and lower die together, otherwise the work will crush mold; When installation should lock cylinder, in order to avoid declining oil cylinder cause dangerous accidents; , installed after the operation, see how mould cooperation degree.

  Equipment to large formal manufacturers of choose and buy, even if later want to change the mould can also reduce a lot of trouble for you, let you without considering the reliability of the manufacturer and strength, don't worry about the mould installation problem, once choice, lifelong benefit. If you have need or doubt can seek advice du fu machinery. 


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