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"Equipment manufacturing + Internet" creative industry cluster work will hold

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  On December 4, sponsored by the ministry of science and technology torch relay center, quanzhou technology bureau organized by the national "equipment manufacturing + Internet" innovative industrial clusters work will take place in quanzhou. From all over the country 30 innovative industrial cluster and the representative of the backbone enterprises in quanzhou, discuss by boosting regional industrial upgrading, cluster innovation mode chih-hung chang, director of the center for science and technology torch, such as quanzhou city vice mayor Michael Chen to attend the meeting.

  QuanZhou Zhi-Huang Yan, jp, secretary at the meeting to share the quanzhou by "equipment manufacturing + Internet" the successful experience of transformation and upgrading. , quanzhou, microwave communication (digital intercom) industry cluster in order to "drive, 364 related enterprises cluster annual output value of 89.8 billion yuan, nearly three years grew by an average of 15% a year", become "form the industrial chain, the layout of innovation chain" model.

  Conference held a cluster project cross-regional cooperation signing ceremony. Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry association and luoyang high-tech zone of high performance bearing industrial cluster, fujian zhonglian bo gen robot technology co., LTD. And Beijing machinery automation research institute, etc nine cooperation projects, and signed a cooperation agreement. It marks the "nc generation" demonstration project of quanzhou and innovative industrial clusters provide cross-regional cross-industry innovation synergy and collaboration into the phase of real capacity.

  The meeting invited authority experts made about the development trend of equipment manufacturing + Internet, made in China, 2025, German industrial 4.0 report. The various creative industry cluster representative combined with its own development situation has carried on the deep discussion, summed up the "relying on industry base, the construction of industry cluster", "form the industrial chain, the layout of innovation chain", "set up a fund", "integration of online resources, such as pillar industries" catch "five cluster cooperation mode.

  Chih-Hung Chang summary of the meeting must be in QuanZhou municipal party committee, municipal government give full play to the "maritime silk road" in the 21st century leading advantage area construction, further implement the strategy of "area", closely rely on scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of important practical and valuable experience. He pointed out that the creative industry cluster has economies of scale, multivariate innovation elements together, ecological perfect advantages of innovative undertaking and future innovative construction of industrial clusters, to adhere to the innovation development idea, strengthening the alliance function, improve the coordination mechanism, stimulate the entrepreneurial energy, strengthen international cooperation, through improve the cooperative innovation mechanism, to improve their own development level and competitiveness, to promote the development of industry transformation and upgrading, and realize the innovation drive to make a greater contribution. 


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