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China's national hydraulic innovation breakthrough High-end market

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  Seek breakthrough around hydraulic industrial m&a

  On November 12, jiangsu constant current hydraulic co., LTD. Production of celebration and constant current - Harvey global strategic cooperation signing ceremony in new workshop was held constant current hydraulic. The constant current formal and global industrial hydraulic giant, Germany on behalf of the enterprise 4.0 Harvey group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the world, a wholly-owned acquisitions of Harvey's production of the axial piston pump InLine company, not only marks the constant current formal among high-end hydraulic pump valve manufacturing enterprises, become the hydraulic system integration suppliers, also marks the constant current and Harvey successfully set up the global manufacturing alliance, promote the optimization of the hydraulic industry structure adjustment in the world.

  Constant current will depend on the InLine company this platform to speed up the development of hydraulic pump industry, further enrich the product line, improve the technical level of the hydraulic system, The InLine company will break through the capital bottleneck, poor quality of casting supply and production capacity bottleneck, constant current sharing platform, make greater development in the hydraulic pump market. According to the China engineering machinery trade web editor, constant current oil cylinder had done many industry mergers and acquisitions in recent years, before the acquisition, wei InLine, the company has high precision hydraulic castings at a cost of nearly 600 million yuan investment projects, through continuous acquisition owns a 82.86% stake in Shanghai lixin hydraulic, invested more than 600 million yuan to set up a subsidiary in changzhou lixin hydraulic pressure, etc. Mergers and acquisitions for breakthrough, constant current hydraulic along the established strategy to make the world's leading high-end hydraulic system of the overall solution provider go forward steadily.

  High-end hydraulic industrial concentration and development

  Hydraulic parts industry and downstream equipment manufacturing industry of our country has a similar regional features, are mainly distributed in jiangsu, shandong, zhejiang, Shanghai and other east China area. At present, the hydraulic industry has a certain scale of production more than 1000 enterprises, more than about 400 mainly enterprises, under the big trend in the development of engineering machinery enterprises attempt, hydraulic industry cluster effect is gradually revealed.

  In 2015, linyi city cluster industry region high-end hydraulic components and systems development pilot project success included in the scope of national policy support, become the only approved the national strategic emerging industries parts concentrated area, the central fiscal subsidy funds 62.5 million yuan. In accordance with requirements of the policy, the central government will be rolling subsidies in 2015-2015, support of linyi city by taking risk compensation, equity investment, financing guarantee, to high-end hydraulic components and systems, major research and development of industrial technology innovation platform construction and supporting on the middle and lower reaches of the industry, etc., make hydraulic parts complete industry chain of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, hydraulic industry cluster scale expansion, by 2017 total revenue of 31.5 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 16%, to 2020 revenues of $2020. According to the China engineering machinery trade web editor, linyi city high-end hydraulic components and systems on the development of regional agglomeration of pilot program, take shandong Chang Lin group as the main body enterprise to declare. Plan approved by the shandong Chang Lin after the follow-up research and development have a better security, foreign original some of some of the core suppliers, vendors, like the engine, hydraulic components, system, electric control gives China rarely give personalized custom, but Chang Lin high-end hydraulic forming, can solve these problems.

  Another emerging hydraulic industrial park is straight hydraulic industry base. Characteristics as the only company in jiangsu province hydraulic industry park, straight industrial park has now collected 30 from Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and domestic well-known hydraulic enterprises, initially formed from the steel pipe to cylinder until the hydraulic machine products complete industrial chain. As cut Italy's biggest investment in China by Carrie, when the project is formally put into production in a ms Carrie, hayward machinery, a heavy technology such as well-known enterprises at home and abroad for leading, supporting energy, financial accounting, logistics, personnel support, service outsourcing, technology research and development, management innovation, product display, such as perfecting related world-class hydraulic oil cylinder base be vividly portrayed. Future, straight to the hydraulic industry as the area during the period of "twelfth five-year" key, the leading industry continuously introduced to high precision cold drawn tubes, casting as the main body of the upstream businesses, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve as the main body of the middle business, and the nc machine tools, engineering machinery as the main body of the downstream enterprises, strengthen government services and policy support, and strive to form a hydraulic industry output value 60 billion yuan in the past four years of innovative, internationalization, world-class hydraulic industry base.

  "Twelfth five-year" development planning, according to the hydraulic industry "twelfth five-year" period, the gross value of industrial output to hydraulic parts industry in China will be increased from 35.113 billion yuan in 2010 to 75 billion yuan in 2015, at an average annual compound growth rate of 16.39%, 2010 hydraulic product sales of 51.318 billion yuan (i.e., the domestic market sales) as the foundation, to 2015, our country hydraulic parts sales will reach 15 $1096 to $one hundred million. The weakness of the engineering machinery market nowadays, might be a good news for the hydraulic industry, can let you have enough time to send force, hydraulic industry independent research and development, do real do fine products, introduce more stronger core localization engineering machinery accessories, for "made in China 2025", for the realization of the construction machinery power dream make new greater contributions. 


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