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Hydraulic brick machine based on building materials market, energy conservation and environmental protection is the mainstream direction

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  Limit stick the real policy, the market is of sintered clay brick fell, although largely hit the red brick production and sales, but there are still a fraction of the market. As energy saving, waste, low carbon environmental protection slogan trumpeted, red brick market gradually into decline, instead, the new type hydraulic brick machine, for a long time, it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people gradually, based on building materials market, become a national promotion of the most widely used brick machine equipment.
  Due to the unreasonable sintered clay brick production, the use of clay raw materials consumed a lot of land resources, and the production process is sintering process, will emit a large amount of waste gas, caused great harm to our environment, so the hydraulic brick machine instead of clay sintered brick equipment exactly how the benefits of what? Why do you got the attention of countries?
  Hydraulic brick machine adopts unique hydraulic molding process, the industrial development process of fly ash, construction waste, industrial tail slag waste instead of clay wall materials production, from the perspective of circular economy development, the use of these waste to improve the utilization rate of regeneration, saving a large amount of land resources, effective to achieve the effect of energy saving and waste; From the perspective of environmental protection, hydraulic molding will not discharge any waste gas production technology, and molding pressure, suppress the better product quality, invulnerability to breakage and high yield, can enjoy the benefits of both economic and environmental. Hydraulic brick machine research and development is to develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection as the mainstream, so become a national vigorously promote the use of high quality brick machine equipment.
  In order to put an end to wanton solid clay brick, increase the promotion of new type hydraulic brick machine market, country has issued a series of new policies, in order to realize rapid development of new wall materials market has played a huge role in promoting. From the national support policy of new wall materials, you can see that the hydraulic brick machine is an inevitable outcome of the development of building materials market, investors can enjoy various preferential policies, and contributing to the country's environmental protection industry, promote the sustainable development of the society.


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